What You Can Do

1. If you have a purebred dog (or one of the common crossbreeds that we are also collecting information on), please contribute to our website by clicking on "Rate Your Dog". This website is designed to create a large searchable database of information that will help dog lovers identify responsible dog breeders who have a track record for producing puppies that become excellent companion dogs. This user-generated content will also quantify some important characteristics for various dog breeds. It will take just a few minutes to give us some basic information about your dog's breed, tell us where you acquired him/her, and evaluate your dog's health, temperament and behavior. This information will help empower others to make a responsible choice when they seek a new puppy, and optimize their chances of finding a simpatico pup with the good health and temperament that they are looking for. It will also encourage dog breeders to prioritize good health and temperament in the puppies they produce, and recognize those responsible dog breeders who have a track record of producing healthy, well-socialized, excellent companion dogs.

2. If you decide to purchase a puppy, only purchase one from a dog breeder who is able to demonstrate that they are breeding dogs responsibly and humanely, and are producing excellent companion dogs. This website is designed to help you find such a breeder, and maximize the chances that the puppy you choose will develop into the simpatico dog that you hope for. Don't purchase a dog from a "middleman" such as a pet store, or a puppy broker. Many seemingly legitimate websites that offer puppies for sale are actually puppy brokers. When you buy from a broker or middleman, the accountability of the actual breeder is lost, and it is difficult to know whether that cute puppy you buy was responsibly and humanely bred, or whether it is actually the product of a profit-motivated, irresponsible and sometimes inhumane breeding operation. Furthermore, you have no idea what that puppy's health and temperament will be as an adult. Please do not use your dollars to support irresponsible breeding.

3. Consider adopting a dog from a shelter, if you are willing to accept the risk of acquiring a dog or puppy with unknown genetics, health, temperament, and behavioral traits. Many dogs end up in shelters through no fault of their own, and it is a testament to canine adaptability that a great many of these dogs can blossom and become wonderful companions and treasured family members when they finally find the right home. Until every adoptable dog that enters a shelter leaves it with a new forever family, we must continue to encourage spaying and neutering, and encourage shelter adoption for those individuals who are willing to take a leap of faith when seeking a new dog. At the same time, the database of user-generated content in this website will help discourage irresponsible breeding, which will ultimately decrease the number of dogs that pass through our shelters' doors.

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